Why Your Company Headshots Are Losing You Business

Ask your web designer what the most viewed page on your website is after the homepage and they will probably tell you it’s your About Us/Meet The Team page.  When potential clients are researching your business they need to be assured that you have the necessary level of skill and experience to help them but at the same time that you’re going to be enjoyable to work with. If you fail to hit the mark with either of these, there’s a strong chance that your prospect will pass you by and move onto one of your competitors. So, what’s the best way to make sure they get this impression? Have amazing headshots.

I know what you’re thinking.

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One Simple Tip To Make You Look Like A Movie Star In Your Headshot

Why is it that movie stars always look so cool? Sure, they have the designer clothes and the latest hair styles but the truth is that looking cool is much more than material possessions. Looking cool is a learned behaviour. They’ve been taught how to do it. This is good news for us mere mortals because if Brad and Angelina can learn how to do it then we can too.